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About Central Library

About Central Library


A library is the heart of an academic institution. Our institution encourages all students and staff members to make the best use of the library that has been carefully built up since the inception of the college. The library is housed in a spacious area of 1200 sq.m., The library is fully air-conditioned with internet connection for accessing e-journals and other sites of interest. The library is fully automated with Bees Campus Soft library management software system. Presently there are more than 45000 books and 6500 reference volumes stacked for the benefit of staff and students. There is an established media resource centre. Our library follows the open access system and is encouraging students to browse in the stack area. The library subscribes more than 80 printed journals (both subject and general) and subscribed 2500 e-journals under AICTE mandatory (IEEE, Elsevier (Sciencedirect), Wiley, ASCE, Springer, J-Gate, Mc Graw-Hill and ASTM). We are also a member of DELNET.

Constant addition of titles and volumes in all the fields of Engineering, Management, Basic Science and Humanities is the regular feature of our library. Every effort has been made to obtain all titles recommended by the faculty.


      Newspapers, weekly and fortnightly magazines of repute are subscribed to enable the students to keep abreast of day-to-day trends. The library comprises of an Audio-Visual section equipped with CDs. We are having Bar-coding circulation system and Internet connectivity. One Xerox machine has been provided for taking copies from library itself

Libraraians Desk

Welcome to the library

AKhil photo

    M.Com, M.L.I.Sc, M.Phil,UGC-NET MISTE,

The college has well-established fully computerized Library (Knowledge Center) with a large collection of textbooks, reference books, technical and non-technical journals and magazines, educational DVDs and CDs for all courses offered through various departments. In addition to physical copies of relevant journals, the library has also subscribed international online journals like IEEE and Science Direct, ASCE, ASTM, Wiley, Springer, Mc Graw-Hill & J-Gate which can be accessed and downloaded through Wi-Fi enabled internet facility.

We have put the Closed Circuit Camera at the 4 places of library to stop the students misbehaves in the library premises. Knowledge center is accommodate with various renowned resource sharing facilities The Library has separate reading area, references section, web access room, audio visual room, book bank area etc to facilitate fullest utilization of the available resources by the students and staff. It also has a very good collection of value-added cultural and spiritual books by renowned authors to build up the moral and inner strength of the students.

In order to facilitate all the readers in selecting the reading materials of their interest, the access to stacks is open to all members.The reading materials have been classified and catalogued based on Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC). It works as a nerve center of the institution by keeping the knowledge of students and faculty members updated. The Information data bank is constantly updated and the facilities are added periodically to keep pace with the recent developments in the various arenas of knowledge.

Library Working Hours

Monday to Saturday   :8:00AM     To 10:00PM

Sunday                       :10:00AM  To 1:00PM

Circulation Hours        :9:00AM    To 5:00PM

Gazetted Holidays      :Close

General Rules




Membership Procedure

  • Give details in membership form available at Library circulation counter.

  • Hand over at circulation counter.

  • Keep 2 stamp size photographs ready.

  • Borrower’s Books (Pass Book) will be issued to issue/return the library books.

We Expect Students To

  • Maintain discipline in the library. Maintain Q’s at circulation counter.

  • Carry ID Cards at all times & produce them on demand.

  • Look at the Library Notice Board.

Use Of The Library

  • Users must keep their belongings in the pigeon-hole racks provide at the entrance however a note book/calculator may be allowed inside.

  • Identity card should be shown at the checkpoint on demand.

  • Sign the register kept at the checkpoint, while entering the Library.

  • Visitors should obtained prior permission from the authorities before utilizes the resources.

  • Decency and Decorum Should be maintained in the Library.

  • Members are free to browse through the books. Books taken out of the shelves must be put on a table. Replacing the books on shelves is not encouraged as it may be misplaced. Misplaced book is a lost book.

  • Readers shouldn’t mark, underline, write tear pages or damages the books.

  • Show the documents, which are being taken out of the Library, to the staff at the checkpoint.

  • Books lost by the Borrowers have to be reported immediately in writing to the Librarian, failing which fines will keep on accumulating. PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR WAIVER OF FINES.Replace the book within the time permitted.

  • Each borrower is responsible for the book issued on that card, so a borrower is requested not to change the books to others.

  • No due certificate will be issued at the end of every semester.

  • Change of Department, Status, and Address etc., to be informed.

  • Keep the Library clean.

  • Use the dustbins provided in the reading area.

  • Anyone who violates of the rules and regulations of the library would be liable to loss the privileges of the membership.

Circulation Rules

  • A Maximum of three books will be issued to the students for the period of 20 days.

  • A maximum of 10 books will be issued to the faculty and 2 books to Non-Teaching staff for the period of one semester.

  • Books are issued and renewed at the circulation counter. Users are responsible for all the entries made in the borrower register. Borrowers should be present his/her identity card while borrowers/renewals.

  • For renewal books must be brought to the circulation counter in the person. To avoid overdue charges (Re.1/- per day) books should be return before the due date mentioned on the date slip.

  • The reader should check the book thoroughly for missing pages, chapters, pictures etc, while borrowing the book.

  • No book in the damage condition will be accepted from the reader mutilated or spoiled books will have to the replaced by the borrower.

  • Once books issued can’t be returned back on the same day.


  • Damage or loss of books must be reported immediately, for the rules for replacement of loss book kindly contact the circulation section.

  • If any book damage or loss the concerned shall be liable to submit the latest edition of book.

  • Any tampering or removal of the barcode label will result in s fine of Rs.10/-

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