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The following list of journals access through IP based only in our college campus.

Url : www.ieee.org/ieeexplore

Url : http://asmedl.aip.org/journals/doc/ASMEDL-home/jrnls/

Url : http://ascelibrary.org/journals/all journal titles


1 Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, IEEE (L-GRS)
2 Geoscience and Remote Sensing, IEEE Trans. on (T-GRS)
3 Device and Materials Reliability, IEEE Trans. on (T-DMR)
1 Aerospace Engineering
2 Architectural Engineering
3 Bridge Engineering
4 Cold Regions Engineering
5 Composites for Construction
6 Computing in Civil Engineering
7 Construction Engineering & Management
8 Energy Engineering
9 Engineering Mechanics
10 Environmental Engineering
11 Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Engineering
12 Hazardous, Toxic & Radioactive Waste Management
13 Hydraulic Engineering
14 Hydrologic Engineering
15 Infrastructure Systems
16 International Journal of Geomechanics
17 Irrigation & Drainage Engineering
18 Leadership and Management in Engineering
19 Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Eng. And Const.
20 Management in Engineering
21 Materials in Civil Engineering
22 Nanomechanics & Micromechanics
23 Natural Hazards Review
24 Performance of Constructed Facilities
25 Pipeline Systems Engineering & Practice
26 Professional Issues in Engineering Education & Practice
27 Structural Design & Construction
28 Structural Engineering
29 Surveying Engineering
30 Transportation Engineering
31 Urban Planning & Development
32 Water Resources Planning & Management
33 Waterway, Port, Coastal & Ocean Engineering
1 Automatic Control, IEEE Trans. on (T-AC)
2 Control Systems Magazine, IEEE (M-CS)
3 Control Systems Technology, IEEE Trans. on (T-CST)
4 Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, IEEE Trans. on (T-DEI)
5 Electrical Insulation Magazine, IEEE (M-EI)
6 Energy Conversion, IEEE Trans. on (T-EC)
7 Fuzzy Systems, IEEE Trans. on (T-FUZZ)
8 Power & Energy Magazine, IEEE (M-P&E)
9 Power Delivery, IEEE Trans. on (T-PWRD)
10 Power Electronics, IEEE Trans. on (T-PEL)
11 Power Systems, IEEE Trans. on (T-PWRS)
12 Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control, IEEE Trans. on (T-UFFC)
1 Mechatronics, IEEE/ASME Trans. on (T-MECH)
2 NanoBioscience, IEEE Trans. on (T-NB)
3 Nanotechnology Magazine, IEEE (M-NANO)
4 Nanotechnology, IEEE Trans. on (T-NANO)
5 Reliability, IEEE Trans. on (T-R)
6 Robotics and Automation Magazine, IEEE (M-RA)
7 Robotics, IEEE Trans. on (T-RO)
8 Sustainable Energy, IEEE Trans. on (T-STE)
9 Vehicular Technology Magazine, IEEE (M-VT)
10 Vehicular Technology, IEEE Trans. on (T-VT)
11 Components and Packaging Technologies, IEEE Trans. on (T-CAPT)
12 Engineering Management Review, IEEE (R-EM)
13 Engineering Management, IEEE Trans. on (T-EM)
1 Applied Mechanics
2 Biomechanical  Engineering
3 Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics
4 Computing and Information Science in Engineering
5 Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control
6 Electronic Packaging
7 Energy Resources Technology
8 Gas Turbines and Power
9 Engineering Materials and Technology
10 Micro and Nano – Manufacturing
11 Fluids Engineering
12 Fuel Cell Technology
13 Heat Transfer
14 Manufacturing Science and Engineering
15 Mechanical Design
16 Mechanisms & Robotics
17 Medical Devices
18 Nanotechnology in Engineering and Medicine
19 Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering
20 Pressure Vessel Technology
21 Solar Energy Engineering
22 Applications in Thermal Science and Engineering
23 Tribology
24 Turbomachinery
25 Vibration and Acoustics
26 Applied Mechanics Reviews
1 Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, IEEE (L-AWP)
2 Applied Superconductivity, IEEE Trans. on (T-ASC)
3 Audio, Speech and Language Processing, IEEE Trans. on (T-ASL)
4 Biomedical Circuits and Systems, IEEE Trans. on (T-BCAS)
5 Biomedical Engineering, IEEE Reviews in (R-BME)
6 Biomedical Engineering, IEEE Trans. on (T-BME)
7 Broadcasting, IEEE Trans. on (T-BC)
8 Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, IEEE Trans. on (T-CSVT)
9 Circuits and Systems Magazine, IEEE (M-CAS)
10 Circuits and Systems Part I: Regular Papers, IEEE Trans. on (T-CAS1)
11 Circuits and Systems Part II: Express Briefs, IEEE Trans. on (T-CAS2)
12 Communications Letters, IEEE (L-COMM)
13 Communications Magazine, IEEE (M-COMM)
14 Communications, IEEE Trans. on (T-COMM)
15 Consumer Electronics, IEEE Trans. on (T-CE)
16 Electromagnetic Compatibility, IEEE Trans. on (T-EMC)
17 Electron Device Letters, IEEE (L-ED)
18 Electron Devices, IEEE Trans. on (T-ED)
19 Embedded Systems Letters, IEEE (L-ES)
20 Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems, IEEE Journal on (JETCAS)
21 IEEE Magnetics Letters (L-MAG)
22 Image Processing, IEEE Trans. on (T-IP)
23 Industrial Electronics Magazine, IEEE (M-IE)
24 Industrial Electronics, IEEE Trans. on (T-IE)
25 Instrumentation and Measurement Magazine, IEEE (M-IM)
26 Instrumentation and Measurement, IEEE Trans. on (T-IM)
27 Magnetics, IEEE Trans. on (T-MAG)
28 Micro Magazine, IEEE (M-MICRO)
29 Microelectromechanical Systems, IEEE/ASME Journal of (J-MEMS)
30 Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, IEEE (L-MWC)
31 Microwave Magazine, IEEE (M-MW)
32 Microwave Theory and Techniques, IEEE Trans. on (T-MTT)
33 Optical Communications and Networking, IEEE/OSA Journal of (J-OCN)
34 Plasma Science, IEEE Trans. on (T-PS)
35 Professional Communication, IEEE Trans. on (T-PC)
36 Quantum Electronics, IEEE Journal of (J-QE)
37 Selected Areas in Communications, IEEE Journal on (J-SAC)
38 Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, IEEE Journal of (J-STQE)
39 Selected Topics in Signal Processing, IEEE Journal of (J-STSP)
40 Semiconductor Manufacturing, IEEE Trans. on (T-SCM)
41 Sensing, IEEE Journal of (J-STARS)
42 Sensors Journal, IEEE (J-SEN)
43 Signal Processing Letters, IEEE (L-SP)
44 Signal Processing Magazine, IEEE (M-SP)
45 Signal Processing, IEEE Trans. on (T-SP)
46 Solid-State Circuits Magazine, IEEE (M-SSC)
47 Solid-State Circuits, IEEE Journal of (J-SSC)
48 Very Large Scale Integration Systems, IEEE Trans. on (T-VLSI)
49 Wireless Communications Magazine, IEEE (M-WC)
50 Communications, IEEE Trans. on (T-WC)
1 Automation Science and Engineering, IEEE Trans. on (T-ASE)
2 Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, IEEE/ACM Trans. on (T-CBB)
3 Computational Intelligence and AI in Games, IEEE Trans. on (T-CIAIG)
4 Computational Intelligence Magazine, IEEE (M-CI)
5 Computer Architecture Letters, IEEE (L-CA)
6 Computer Graphics and Applications Magazine, IEEE (M-CG&A)
7 Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, IEEE Trans. on (T-CAD)
8 Computers, IEEE Trans. on (T-C)
9 Computing in Science and Engineering Magazine (CiSE)
10 Dependable and Secure Computing, IEEE Trans. on (T-DSC)
11 Design and Test of Computers Magazine, IEEE (M-D&T)
12 Display Technology, IEEE/OSA Journal of (J-DT)
13 Evolutionary Computation, IEEE Trans. on (T-EVC)
14 IEEE Biometrics Compendium (BIOC)
15 IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine (M-ITS)
16 Industrial Informatics, IEEE Trans. on (T-IINF)
17 Industry Applications Magazine, IEEE (M-IA)
18 Industry Applications, IEEE Trans. on (T-IA)
19 Information Forensics and Security, IEEE Trans. on (T-IFS)
20 Information Technology in Biomedicine, IEEE Trans. on (T-ITB)
21 Information Theory, IEEE Trans. on (T-IT)
22 Intelligent Systems Magazine, IEEE (M-IS)
23 Intelligent Transportation Systems, IEEE Trans. on (T-ITS)
24 Internet Computing Magazine, IEEE (M-IC)
25 IT Professional Magazine (M-ITPRO)
26 Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Trans. on (T-KDE)
27 Lightwave Technology, IEEE/OSA Journal of (J-LT)
28 Medical Imaging, IEEE Trans. on (T-MI)
29 Mobile Computing, IEEE Trans. on (T-MC)
30 MultiMedia Magazine, IEEE (M-MULTI)
31 Multimedia, IEEE Trans. on (T-MM)
32 Network and Service Management, IEEE Trans. on (T-NSM)
33 Network, IEEE (M-NET)
34 Networking, IEEE/ACM Trans. on (T-NET)
35 Neural Networks, IEEE Trans. on (T-NN)
36 Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, IEEE Trans. on (T-NSRE)
37 Parallel and Distributed Systems, IEEE Trans. on (T-PDS)
38 Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Trans. on (T-PAMI)
39 Pervasive Computing Magazine, IEEE (M-PVC)
40 Photonics Journal, IEEE (J-PHTNCS)
41 Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE (L-PT)
42 Photovoltaics, IEEE Journal of (J-PHOTOV)
43 Security & Privacy Magazine, IEEE (M-S&P)
44 Services Computing, IEEE Trans. on (T-SC)
45 Smart Grid, IEEE Trans. on (T-SG)
46 Software Engineering, IEEE Trans. on (T-SE)
47 Software Magazine, IEEE (M-SOFT)
48 Systems Journal, IEEE (J-SYS)
49 Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part A: Systems and Humans, IEEE Trans. on (T-SMCA)
50 Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part B: Cybernetics, IEEE Trans. on (T-SMCB)
51 Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part C: Applications and Reviews, IEEE Trans. on (T-SMCC)
52 Visualization and Computer Graphics, IEEE Trans. on (T-VCG)
1 Autonomous Mental Development, IEEE Trans. on (T-AMD)
2 Education, IEEE Trans. on (T-E)
3 Haptics, IEEE Trans. on (T-H)
4 Learning Technologies, IEEE Trans. on (T-LT)
5 Nuclear Science, IEEE Trans. on (T-NS)
6 Oceanic Engineering, IEEE Journal of (J-OE)
7 Technology and Society Magazine, IEEE (M-T&S)
8 Terahertz Science and Technology, IEEE Trans. on (T-Thz)

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