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The following list of journals access through IP based only in our college campus.

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can access 15,000+ e journals and 30 Lakhs e-Books.
J-GATE (Engineering and Technology)

URL: https://jgateplus.com/search/login/ (User ID: bvceuser/ Password: bvceuser1453463272)

You can access more than 2500+ full text journals

DELNET (Developing for library network)

URL: http://delnet.nic.in  (Login: apbvcec password: bvcec4811)

DELNET provides access to

a.      Cambridge Dictionaries online

b.      Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations

c.      ODLIS : Online Dictionary of Library & Information Science

d.      GISTNIC Databases

e.      MEDLINE & other databases of NLM

f.       U.S. Patents: Full Text

g.      Full Text Medical Journals

h.      Open Access Journals

i.        Engineering  & Technology  E-Journals: Table of Contents

j.        Full-Text Medical Books

k.      Full-Text Engineering & Technology E-journals

l.        Learning Resources for LIS Professionals

m.  Digital Libraries of the World

Union Catalogue of Books
DELNET maintains an online union catalogue of books available in its member-libraries. This union catalogue is continuously updated and is growing in size. The information can be retrieved by author, title, subject, conference, series, etc. It has 1,28,91,696 bibliographic records. The request for inter-library loan can be placed through the online system.


ASME (American society for Mechanical Engineering)

URL: http://asmedigitalcollection.asme.org/

  1. Applied Mechanics
  2. Biomechanical Engineering
  3. Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics
  4. Computing and Information Science in Engineering
  5. Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control
  6. Electronic Packaging
  7. Energy Resources Technology
  8. Gas Turbines and Power
  9. Engineering Materials and Technology
  10. Fluids Engineering
  11. Heat Transfer
  12. Manufacturing Science and Engineering
  13. Mechanical Design
  14. Mechanisms & Robotics
  15. Medical Devices
  16. Nanotechnology in Engineering and Medicine
  17. Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering
  18. Pressure Vessel Technology
  19. Solar Energy Engineering
  20. Thermal Science and Engineering applications
  21. Tribology
  22. Turbo machinery
  23. Vibration and Acoustics
  24. Applied Mechanics Reviews
  25. ASCE-ASME journal of risk and uncertainty in Engineering systems: Part B Mechanical Engineering
  26. Electrochemical energy conversion and storage
  27. Engineering and science in medical diagnostics and theory
  28. Micro and Nano Manufacturing
  29. Non destructive evaluation, diagnostics and prognostics of Engineering systems
  30. Nuclear Engineering and Radiation science
  31. Verification, validation and uncertainty qualification

ASCE (American society of civil engineers)

URL: http://ascelibrary.org/



  1. Aerospace Engineering
  2. Architectural Engineering
  3. Bridge Engineering
  4. Cold Regions Engineering
  5. Composites for Construction
  6. Computing in Civil Engineering
  7. Construction Engineering & Management
  8. Energy Engineering
  9. Engineering Mechanics
  10. Environmental Engineering
  11. Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Engineering
  12. Hazardous, Toxic & Radioactive Waste Management
  13. Hydraulic Engineering
  14. Hydrologic Engineering
  15. Infrastructure Systems
  16. Irrigation & Drainage Engineering
  17. Leadership and Management in Engineering
  18. Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Eng. And Const.
  19. Management in Engineering
  20. Materials in Civil Engineering
  21. Nanomechanics & Micromechanics
  22. Natural Hazards Review
  23. Performance of Constructed Facilities
  24. Pipeline Systems Engineering & Practice
  25. Professional Issues in Engineering Education & Practice
  26. Structural Design & Construction
  27. Structural Engineering
  28. Surveying Engineering
  29. Transportation Engineering Part A : Systems
  30. Transportation Engineering Part B: Pavements
  31. Urban Planning & Development
  32. Water Resources Planning & Management
  33. Waterway, Port, Coastal & Ocean Engineering
  34. Highway and Transportation Research and Development

ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering system


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