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Electronics and Communication Engineering

About Electronics & Communication Engineering:

Electronics & Communication Engineering can be treated as universal branch among all circuit branches. ECE branch is the most sophisticated, ever demanding and fast growing branch in the engineering curriculum. It covers a wide range of applications which makes our life easier, secure and enjoyable such as Mobile, Television, Radio, Computer, Radar, Satellite etc. The course is useful to design and manufacturing of electronic systems and appliances. Electronic engineers are eligible for opportunities in Hardware, Software and Public Sector Units. The engineers are also employable in IC fabrication and Embedded system development industries.

Who should take it?

An individual who is fascinated with gadgets and is curious to understand it’s working and inspired and motivated by technology and by the physical sciences and has a curious, analytical mind that enjoys the study and application of science, technology and mathematics.



Electronics and communication engineering course has enormous job opportunities in electronics, software industries and PSU’s. The program gives great opportunities for research and development, as everyday consumer needs new devices to support them in daily life.


Department Profile

The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established during the inception of the institute in the year 1997 to produce competent engineers in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The Department is also offering two post graduate courses with a specializations of ES & ECE. All the courses in the department are approved by AICTE and affiliated to JNTUK, Kakinada. The department has state-of-the-art laboratory facilities to infuse practical knowledge to the students on par with academic excellence. The department actively involves in teaching and research in disparate subfields of Electronics, VLSI, Telecommunication, Antennas, Signal Processing and Embedded Systems. With rapidly evolving technology and continuous need for innovation, the department has always produced quality professionals, holding important positions in Electronics, Telecommunications and IT industry across the globe. Apart from the curriculum the department is offering Soft Skills & Communication Skills improvement, Personality development and Aptitude training Programs.

All students are mentored by faculty members as part of student counseling. The department has student professional bodies like IETE, ISTE and Students Association (SELCES) under which various technical, non-technical events are being conducted regularly.

The department is lead by Prof. A Pravin, who has 16 years of teaching experience and supported by well qualified and experienced faculty. The department has 42 teaching Faculty, maintaining 1:15 Staff: Student ratio.



Name:Prof. A Pravin,


Courses Offered

Program                                    Specialisation

B.Tech                        Electronics and communication Engineering

M.Tech                       Embedded Systems

M.Tech                       Electronics and communication Engineering


Faculty Publications

S.No Name Of The Faculty Journals Conferences
National International National International
1 Prof.T.V.Janardhana Rao 1 10 1 2
2 Prof.V.Dhanaraj 1 19 3 4
3 Prof. A.Pravin 1 11 1 2
4 Mr.K.Rajasekhar 1 10 1 1
5 Ms.Ch.Sridevi - 12 2 1
6 Mr.T.S.S.Phani 1 7 1 1
7 Ms.P.Harika 1 6 - 1
8 Mr.V.Anuragh 1 7 - 2
9 Ms.V.Sandhya 1 3 - -
10 Mr.N.L.P.Raju 2 5 1 2
11 Mr.T.Saran Kumar - 1 - -
12 Ms.J.Uma Maheswari - 1 - -



  • Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab

  • Analog Communications Lab

  • Electronic Circuit Analysis Lab

  • Digital Communications Lab

  • IC Applications Lab

  • Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Lab

  • ECAD Lab

  • DSP Lab

  • Microwave and OC Lab

  • Digital System Design & DICA Lab

  • Pulse and Digital Circuits Lab

  • Embedded C Lab

  • Embedded Systems Lab

  • Design and Simulation Lab

  • Advanced Communications Lab


Major Subjects

  • Real Time Operating Systems

  • Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Digital Control Systems

  • Cellular and Mobile Communications

  • Radar Systems

  • Digital Image Processing

  • Optical Communications

  • Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

  • Microwave engineering

  • VLSI Design

  • Digital Signal Processing

  • Antenna and Wave Propagation

  • Digital IC Applications

  • Linear IC Applications

  • Digital Communications

  • Analog Communications

  • EM Waves and Transmission Lines

  • Electronic devices and Circuits

  • Signals and Systems

  • Advanced digital Signal Processing

  • Image and Video Processing



Department Goals

Short Term:
  • To aim towards more than 80% placement by imparting various skills that caters to the needs of the industry.

  • Motivate the students to actively participate in the personality development Programs, Co-and extra-curricular activities, career guidance programs etc.

  • To provide students with a comprehensive Education which enables them to appear for competitive examinations and paper presentations.

  • To organize Industrial visits every year to fill the gap between curriculum and Industry.

  • To sponsor/depute Teaching and Non-Teaching staff to acquire/improve their academic qualifications.

Long Term:
  • To undertake research and Development works in leading technologies by forging alliance with various research organizations and industries.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

P1:   BVC Graduates shall have strong foundation in basic sciences, mathematics, Engineering fundamental and in electronics and communication engineering subjects in addition to proficiency to computer programming and use of modern tools and technologies.

P2:   BVC Graduates will be successfully engaged in careers in electronics and communication and allied fields as eminent engineers and managers.

P3:   BVC Graduates will be prepared for continued professional development through postgraduate studies in engineering and allied fields and through life-long learning.

P4:   BVC Graduates will have demonstrated practices and skills in professional attitude, teamwork, leadership, values, ethics and communication.


Program outcomes (POs)


(a)   An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering

(b)   An ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data

(c)   An ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability

(d)   An ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams

(e)   An ability to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems

(f)   An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility

(g)   An ability to communicate effectively

(h)   The broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context

(i)   A recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning

(j)   A knowledge of contemporary issues

(k)   An ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice


(l)   An ability to design and develop innovative electronics and communication systems



2 97221A0406 INDANA CHENDRASEKHAR 2001 TATA group
3 97221A0407 VATTURI CHENDRASEKHAR 2001 Persistance
6 97221A0427 BHUMIREDDY RAMIREDDY 2001 Tech mahindra
8 97221A0431 JANAPAREDDY S.S.SWAROOP 2001 Infosys
12 97221A0448 BATCHU VENKATA DURGA MAHESH 2001 Infosys
16 98221A0405 K.ChandhraDeo 2002 AE, BSNL
17 98221A0422 Neelash Kumar 2002 AE, BSNL
18 99221A0412 Akondi Krishna Chaitanya 2003 Microsemi IndiaPvt Ltd
19 99221A0419 Kodi Manohar 2003 Nvidia Graphics Pvt Ltd
20 99221A0422 Naresh Maddipati 2003 Synapse Design santa clara,california,USA
21 99221A0426 Raj Kumar Pampana 2003 Samsung Austin R&D Texas,USA
22 99221A0444 Srinivasa Aditya B 2003 LG soft India Pvt LTD
23 99221A0452 V D Murthy Attili 2003 Infosys
24 99221A0460 Viswanadham Kotla 2003 Atmel R&D Pvt Ltd. Chennai
25 00221A0420 Grandhi Kiran Babu 2004 Qualcom
26 00221A0440 Perraju V 2004 TCS
27 00221A0480 V Durga Prasadu Muddala 2004 JGATE
28 01225A0402 Balamuralidhar G 2005 Huawai
29 01225A0406 Rama Krishna Nandyala 2005 TOSHBA,NOIDA
30 02221A0454 Prasanth Babu Ganta 2006 Polaris
31 02221A0419 Akula Ashok 2006 Intergraph
32 03221A0458 Sri Raj Koppireddi 2007 Honeywell
33 03221A0415 Devisetti Praveena 2007 JTO,BSNL
34 03221A0455 S P Sailaja Chodavarapu 2007 JTO,BSNL
35 04221A0444 D.Sandeep 2008 Accenture
36 04221A0477 Dharmendra 2008 Xactly Corperation
37 04221A0451 s sowjanya 2008 Infosys
38 04221A0408 Durga Ganga Rao K 2008 ASST. Prof., JNTUK
39 04221A0466 Venkata Rama Reddy G 2008 Readysoft US MNC
40 04221A0444 Sandeep Dhavileswarapu 2008 WIPRO
41 04221A0457 Sudheersankar Seelam 2008 Infosys
42 04221A0454 Sravankumar Challa 2008 Infosys
43 04221A0426 N V Subbaraju Gummidi 2008 HCL
44 04221A0461 Usha Monika Budim 2008 Infosys
45 04221A0442 S Rama Krishna Mygapula 2008 Infosys
46 04221A0452 Sivaprasadareddy Mooraka 2008 BSNL
47 04221A0470 V S Subrahmanyam Chavali 2008 Prosoft Technology Group, USA
48 04221A0471 K M Prasad Veera 2008 BSNL
49 05221A0451 Tulasi Nageswari 2009 IBM
50 05221A0473 Karri Janaki Ram Reddy 2009 Indusface Telecom
51 05221A0412 Angelina Prasanthi 2009 LTA. Singapore
52 05221A0423 S.Manasa 2009 AP TRANSCO
53 05221A0462 Anil Kumar Valavala 2009 Tech Mahindra
54 05221A0471 Hema Lalitha Uppalapati 2009 Infosys
55 05221A0472 Hemanth Raju Sidda 2009 TCS
56 05221A0476 Krishna Teja Panchakarla 2009 CTS
57 05221A0479 Perini Chandra Mouli 2009 TCS
58 06225A0406 Sanka V N S Subbarao 2009 Ericson,NOIDA
59 06221A0447 Kedarnath Nittala 2010 Air Port Authority of India
60 06221A0437 Moram Sri Siva Bhavani 2010 Honeywell
61 06221A0440 N Raju Chadalavada 2010 nucon AEROSPACE
62 06221A0416 Dunna Bala Subrahmanyam 2010 Nokia Necare
63 06221A0441 N S S Chandra Raju P 2010 CPG
64 06221A0457 Satish Kumar Chegondi 2010 APTRANSCO
65 06221A0473 Sudheer Cherukuri 2010 Tech Mahindra
66 06221A0429 Kunapareddi Manikumar 2010 NIPION telecom company
67 06221A0403 Appana Sireesha 2010 UK ORACLE
68 07221A0446 Singamsetty Srikanth 2011 Mphasis
69 07221A0433 P Siva Prakash Chitukula 2011 Infosys
70 07221A04B6 V.Priyanka 2011 Wipro
71 07221A0475 D T Praveen 2011 Tech Mahindra
72 07221A0415 Kankatala Venkatesh 2011 Android developer
73 07221A0427 Manchiraju N S L Suresh 2011 syntel
74 07221A04A4 Rudraraju Phanendravarma 2011 BHEL
75 07221A0488 Lakshmi Durga Kovvuri 2011 TECH MAHINDRA
76 07221A0480 H Satya Venkat Veldurthi 2011 OFI-MUMBAI(PVT LTD)
77 07221A04B7 Venkata Sarreddy Kovvuri 2011 BDL
78 08225A0401 Sandeep 2011 American Megatrends
79 08225A0406 Divya 2011 TECH MAHINDRA
80 08221A0442 Palukuri Pramodh 2012 Hidden Brains
81 08221A0429 Mallipudi Samson 2012 BTBP
82 08221A0420 Hamdani Musa Hussain 2012 Hidden Brains
83 08221A0434 Mohammed Isahak 2012 Hidden Brains
84 08221A0422 K.Srinu 2012 Xenosoft
85 08221A04B9 Sadanala Suresh 2012 CGI
86 08221A0472 Basina Chandra Sekhar 2012 AJILE Infoways Pvt.Ltd
87 08221A0448 K.Venkata Siva 2012 Spectross Digital systems
88 08221A0455 TadiparthiSyam 2012 DRDO
89 08221A0461 MadhusudhanRaja 2013 BIRLASOFTINC,USA
90 08221A04A3 Maddu Krishna Veni 2012 TCS
91 09225A0410 J Gangadhara Babji P 2012 AIVVWA
92 09221A0455 Vadlamani Syam Prasad 2013 TECH MAHINDRA
93 09221A0413 Dharanikota Bhavani 2013 TECH MAHINDRA
94 09221A0437 Nimmakayala Reshmavaishnavi 2013 TECH MAHINDRA
95 09221A0419 Guthula Nagendra 2013 TECH MAHINDRA
96 09221A0401 Adiraju Satya Veera Venkata Adithya 2013 PLACETRADING PVT.LTD,RANCHI
97 09221A0434 Mohammed Shahanaz 2013 TECH MAHINDRA
98 09221A04A3 Rudraraju Srinivasa Raju 2013 TECH MAHINDRA
99 09221A04A2 Pulavarthi Phanisri 2013 TECH MAHINDRA
100 09221A0496 Mutyala Swathi 2013 HCL
101 09221A0499 Peri Bala Kameswara Sarma 2013 TECH MAHINDRA
102 09221A0470 suma deepika chikkala 2013 Tech Mahindra
103 09221A0447 D Sandeep Kumar 2013 Gaian Solutions
104 10221A04B6 V.Vengala Rao 2014 HCL
105 10221A0480 P.Siva Sankar 2014 Tech Mahindra
106 10221A0403 A Sri RamaPavan 2014 BEL
107 10221A0456 K S S Prashanth 2014 Procsys
108 10221A0414 B.Vihari 2014 Tech Mahindra
109 11221a0444 E.Ananthalakshmi 2015 Tech Mahindra
110 11221A0427 Ch.SaiRakesh 2015 Polarsis
111 11221A04D3 P.VenkataArun 2015 Polarsis
112 11221A0476 K Manikantha Rayudu 2015 HCL
113 11221A0441 Vinay Dhoni 2015 HCL
114 11221A0471 K S S Nagesh 2015 CTS
115 11221A0480 K Lakshman Kumar 2015 HCL
116 11221A0456 Jakir Hussain Mondal 2015 LG Electronics

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