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Science and Humanities Department

Any noble entity evolves as a result of the sound establishment at its beginning and glowing essence of new heights with its caliber to make human life prosperous. The Department of Science and Humanities lays down the basement for every budding engineer with the essential brass tacks and vital ingredients of engineering education to make the students help in shaping themselves as conquering engineers in building the nation’s prosperity.

The department contributes to all the core branches in imparting the prime concepts through the basic sciences viz., physics, chemistry, mathematics etc. in the first year and hence preparing the students ready to procure the domain knowledge of their core engineering branch. The humanities subjects like English, Management and Managerial Economics supply the essential life skills which are primacy in the career for a professional being. Not only that, the subjects like Professional ethics and morals make the graduates socially responsible with civic sense and personally ethical in all the respects of their professional life. In other words the S&H department is the real core in shaping students as an absolute engineer and also as a complete man.

In the globalized world, ‘techies’ can become leaders only when they are good in language, and communication skills as well as soft skills. Otherwise their technical knowledge makes them as knowledge workers only. That is the significance and primacy of procuring these skills.

The English Communication skills lab is an integral part of Science and Humanities department to impart the knowledge & improve skills in all the four dimensions of communication viz., Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

By acquiring these skills an Engineering student becomes a full fledged technocrat.Communication in any language largely depends on clarity of speech. Language learners involve essentially the ability to communicate in various contexts. For this in speech accuracy and the choice of appropriate words – phrases – tone (fluency) benefits the formal and informal situations. It is believed that exposure to good style and language helps a learner develop better communication skills. Keeping this in mind we have been selected Globarina English language software for our English language lab in order to make them proficient in English language.

This Department also includes Computer science faculty to teach computer basics, IT Work shop and C Programming. The IT Work shop is another dimensional foundation in technical aspect, which acts as a prelude and prerequisite in making an Engineering student acquainted with fundamentals of Computer hardware technology and basic concepts of programming. The C Programming subject reinforces these conceptual abilities of the students to make them ready to receive advanced concepts in their ensuing years of education i.e. from second year onwards.



Name:Mr.G.B.Chandra Mouli,,



  • English Language Lab

  • Engineering Physics Lab

  • Engineering Chemistry Lab

  • IT Work Shop

  • C Programming Lab


Major Subjects

  • English language subject and lab to enhance communication and writing skills of students

  • Mathematics

  • Engineering Physics

  • Engineering Chemistry

  • Managerial Economics & Financial Analysis

  • Management Science

  • Intellectual Property Rights and Parents

  • Professional Ethics and Morals

  • Environmental Science

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