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Examination Section

Examination Section

          Bonam Venkata Chalamayya Engineering College has a fully equipped Examination Section headed by the Head of the Institution and Co-ordinate by two Officer In charges of Examinations and one Online Examination in charge. The activities of examination section distributed to the individual departments for conduction of Mid examinations and Lab examinations by assignment of Department Examination In charges. We periodically conduct meetings to take necessary steps to coordinate Mid/Lab/Theory /Viva examinations under the supervision of Chief Superintend of Examinations. Resolutions of the meeting will be approved by the Chairman and Governing body of the college.

           BVC Exam Section provides quality services of examinations with the well experienced and Senior staff members as Invigilators/Observers/Valuators/Chief Valuators/Lab Examiners/Project examiners for both UG/PG at college level and University level as well as Government conducted Common Entrance Tests (EAMCET/DIET CET)/Recruitment tests (GroupII) etc.

The exam section services to students:

  1. Subject Registration of Students for University Regular Examinations Semester wise
  2. Subject Registration of Students for University Supply Examinations Semester wise
  3. Conduction of Online Quiz Examinations and uploading Marks dumps to online examination portal of university by Online Examination In charge and coordinators
  4. Conduction of Internal and External ,Practical Examinations as per the University guidelines and schedules
  5. Uploading the awarded internal marks(both theory & Labs) to the University Examination Portal
  6. Distribution of internal Marks information to students through the concern Departments
  7. Description of Encrypted Unversity Question bank and print to conduct external theory examinations .
  8. Collection of University stationary (Computer printed) for End Practical & Theory Examinations and Submission of Reports/Answer booklets to the University.
  9. Publication of University released UG/PG Regular/Supply results/Revaluation Results.
  10. The necessary correspondence with the University regarding discrepancies of Results/HallTickets/Name Correction/ Marks Memos not received etc
  11. Applying Provisional Certificates/CMMs/Migration/Duplicate Marks Memo/Duplicate (PC/CMM/OD) /Transcripts etc.
  12. Collection of Original Marks Memos and PC/CMMs of students and handover to concern students after updating of college records.
  13. Intimation of Curriculum Changes/Rules/Regulations /Academic Calendars/Time tables of Examinations given by the university to the students through the university.
  14. M.Tech Project Thesis of eligible students uploading to Examination portal to ensure project panels appointment and viva voce examinations conduction as per the University guidelines.
  15. Feedback of students/teachers/parents to the University in Curriculum/Academic activities for further betterments.
  16. With the coordination of department office clerks Marks memos distribution/Exam Fee collection/Attendance management etc. are fulfilling under the guidance of HODs.
  17. Verification of Certificates of Passed out students of this institute for recruitment agencies/Government servants.
  18. Issue of Transcripts for admission into foreign universities.

Present Team of Examination Section:

  1. Dr D S V Prasad- Chief Superintendent(Principal)
  2. Prof. K Srinivas – Officer In charges of Examinations
  3. Prof. K Raja Sekhar- Officer In charges of Examinations
  4. Mr B S N Murthy-Online Examinations In Charge
  5. Miss K V Visalakshi, Dept. Examinations In charge, CE Dept
  6. Mr A Rama Krishna, Dept. Examinations In charge, EEE Dept
  7. Mr N Vasudeva Rao, Dept. Examinations In charge, ME Dept
  8. Mr T Saran Kumar, Dept. Examinations In charge, ECE Dept
  9. Mr K Eswar, Dept. Examinations In charge, CSE Dept
  10. Mr G Srinivasa Rao, Dept. Examinations In charge, S&H Dept

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