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Grievance Cell

Grievance Cell



  1. Women’s Grievances cell is formed in order to keep the healthy working atmosphere among the staff, students & parents.
  2. This  Cell helps Staff, Students & Parents to record their complaints and solve their problems related to academics, resources and personal grievances.
  3. Woman Harassment complaints will be handled as per government guidelines by respective section.


  • We believe in maintaining a strong and sustained relationship with students and Staff by providing Contact numbers and E_mail ID of Corresponding committee members.
  • Student can submit their personal grievances/problems/hurdles related to institution to the convener of the grievance cell directly. The cell considers the complaints/suggestions and solves the problems efficiently.
  • A Committee is constituted to prevent woman harassment/ insult/ insulting words or action for girl students and women faculties. The affected person can lodge a complaint in writing to the convener of this committee.
  • In first stge student can fills up the grievances redressal form of the college conveys her grievance to HOD. If a satisfactory solution not given within 48 hours then she can approach the grievance committee members.
  • If the grievant feels that the decision of the committee is inappropriate for substantive or procedural reasons, she may, within 30days, file a written appeal with the higher officer specifying those reason.
  • A “Register”, EVE TEASING, is maintained in the office to record any complaint regarding harassment of girl students and will be brought of the notice of the committee for an appropriate investigation and action in the manner.

Do’s and Don’ts in Grievance Handling – Check Lists.

  • Investigate and handle each and every case, through it may eventually result in an arbitration hearing.
  • Talk with the student/staff about his/her grievance, give his/her a good and full hearing.
  • Determine if there were any witnesses, produce all available evidence and rmit a full hearing of the issues.
  • Hold your grievance discussions privately.
  • Don’t argue the merits of grievance first if the grievances untimely.
  • Don’t argue grievances issues off work premises.
  • Don’t give away your copy of the written grievance.
  • Control your emotions, your remarks and your behaviours.



The women’s Grievance Cell Committee has been constituted with reference Lr.No. JNTUK/DAA/Grievances Cell/2010, Dt 19-10-2010 from Register, JNTUK, Kakinada.

This committee meets periodically as and when required to look into the complaints and grievances of Girl students and staff. The Coordinator prepares the report based upon the findings and submit it to the Principal.

  1. Ch. Sridevi, Associate Professor, ECE                          -Coordinator
  2. A DurgaMadhuri, Associate Professor, S&H                 – Member
  3. G. Ganga Bhavani, Associate Professor, CSE              – Member
  4. RamCharan, Associate Professor, EEE                        – Member
  5. K Ashoka Prabha, Assistant Professor, CSE                – Member

Number of Grievances received during last 5 years

Year No. of grievances appealed No. of grievances redressed Average time for grievance redressal in number of days
2016-17 4 4 3
2015-16 NIL NIL NIL
2014-15 NIL NIL NIL
2013-14 NIL NIL NIL
2012-13 1 1 5

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