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Professional Societies


             Many professional, or disciplinary, societies were founded to support the single disciplines for which they are named. And yet in recent decades, these societies, like many other organizations, have been increasingly called on to expand their relationships to new fields of research. In addition, a new breed of professional society has arisen, mostly after World War II that is primarily interdisciplinary.

           Most researchers are members of professional societies. When these societies choose to support a particular policy, they convey the “voice” of the research enterprise with a unique degree of legitimacy. They now have the opportunity to raise that voice on behalf of interdisciplinary research and education: to broaden the interdisciplinary outlook of scientists, to recognize young interdisciplinary scientists of talent, and to facilitate the interdisciplinary strengths of their society.

            The mission of the professional societies is primarily educational and informational. Their influence flows from their continuing and highly visible functions: to publish professional journals, to develop professional excellence, to raise public awareness, and to make awards. Through their work, they help to define and set standards for their professional fields and to promote high standards of quality through awards and other forms of recognition.

              Membership in professional organizations is important and necessary as we strive to stay informed of current developments in our fields of expertise. It’s also important as we establish and maintain contacts with those who share similar interests and goals, and to keep the impact and importance of our work in the public eye.

         The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) is India’s leading recognized professional society devoted to the advancement of Science and Technology of Electronics, Telecommunication & IT, founded in 1953. It is our gratification to inaugurate the ISF in our institution.

             The IETE Students’ Forum of BVCE has been set up with 111 student members from ECE dept through the involvement of faculty members of the department. The IETE Centre, Kakinada region provided full support and coordination in the establishment of the forum.

        The purpose of ISF is to give a platform for the student members to exchange ideas by organizing/participating technical programs and activities. They would get the benefit for technical visits / practical training / project work in R&D laboratories/ industries that increases their spirit of self-reliance and professionalism.

                The eminent dignitary Prof.Dr.K.Satya Prasad, Director IST, Governing Body Member, IETE came all the way to inaugurate the ISF Lighting the Auspicious Lamp.

With full enthusiasm IETE Student Forum (ISF) has been planned to get inaugurated at ECE Department.

Date of Recent Establishment: 15th March 2017

Executive Body Members-A.Y.2016-17

 Honorable       Chair Person                            –     Sunny Babu Nadula                     (IV B.Tech)

Honorable Secretary                                       –     Satyanarayana Koushik Puppala  (IV B.Tech)

Staff Advisor                                                  –     Prof. Valluri Dhana Raj

Office Bearers 

  1. Lohith Varun Kumar Chinta (I B.Tech)
  2. L. Bhavani Akula (II B.Tech)
  3. Prabhu Teja Sundaraneedi (III B.Tech)
  4. Saran Kumar Motamarri (IV B.Tech)

ISF members: 105 members


  1. Paper Presentation Contests
  2. Hardware Contests
  3. Group Discussions
  4. Guest Lectures
  5. Conferences
  6. Technical Quizzes
  7. Albert Einstein Hobby Club (meeting Twice in a month)


        Prof.Valluri Dhana Raj,

                          B.E,M.Tech,(Ph.D),MISTE,MIE, MIAENG ,FIETE

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