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Sports and Games

           Sports at BVC Engineering College are an integral part of the curriculum for physical fitness, character building and development of leader ship qualities. Confirming the reputation as one of the best sporting institutes in the state, BVC offers extensive facilities for sports and games. The institute maintains excellent grounds for cricket, volley ball, basketball, kho–kho, kabaddi, track and field events.

              Indoor facilities like caroms, chess, table tennis, badminton, are also maintained. BVCEC students represent JNTU, Kakinada cricket, volley ball, basket ball, foot ball, kho-kho, kabadi, through ball, badminton teams and athletics. We take great pride in proclaiming that the institute‘s volleyball team has won the JNTU Volley Ball, team has won the JNTU Volleyball tournament consecutively for two years. BVCEC has also emerged winners at JNTU zonal level Badminton winners. BVCEC students also winners of Eenadu Cricket Cup at Rajamundry region.


         A Gym has been established with modern equipment to provide the facilities for Day scholars as well as for the hostelers and staff members who stay in the campus.

        Every year BVEC organizes Engineering Premier League (EPL) Cricket Tournament. teams will be invited from each department. Every year BVCE conducting Sport meet on the occasion of YUVA GALA.


 Chief Coordinator  :           Mr. A. Srinivasu, Physical Director

a) Volleyball : Coordinator   R.V. Satyanarayana, Assoc. Prof. (CSE)

Members :      Mr. Ch. Srinivas, Asst. Professor (EEE)                                                                                                               Mr. J.N.V. Somayajulu, Asst. Professor (S&H)

Mr. B.N.S. Murali Krishna, Asst. Professor (Civil)

Mr. Y. Satya Vinod, Asst., Professor (ECE)

b) Kabaddi : Coordinator: Ramakrishna, Assoc. Prof. (EEE)

                      Members:     Mr. M. Kishore Kumar, Asst. Prof. (EEE)

Mr. T. Saran Kumar, Asst. Prof. (ECE)

Mr. K.V. Rama Raju, Asst. Prof. (S&H)

Mr. P.V.N. Sagar, Asst. Prof. (S&H)

c) Kho-Kho : Coordinator : D. Santha Rao, Professor (ME)

Members:       Mr. D. Narendra Babu, Asst. Prof. (ME)

Mr. V. Narasimham, Asst. Prof. (CSE)

Mr. D. Harish, Asst. Prof. (ME)

Ms.J. Umamaheswari, Asst. Prof. (ECE)

Ms. J. Chandini Devi, Asst. Prof. (Civil)

d) Shuttle Badminton : Coordinator : N. Vasudeva Rao, Associate Professor (ME)


Mr. O. Siva Ramakrishna, Asst. Professor (CSE)

Mr. N. Siva Nagendra, Asst. Professor (EEE)

Mr. A.S. Vara Prasad, Asst. Professor (ME)

Ms. P. Harika, Asst. Professor (ECE)

Ms. D. Sravanthi, Asst. Professor (S&H)

c) Table Tennis :           Coordinator : N. Phanikumar, Asst. Prof. (ECE)


Mr. Y. Sandeep, Asst. Professor (ECE)

Mr. K. Kishore Kumar, Asst. Professor (ME)

Ms. V.V.V.S.D. Prasanna, Asst. Professor (S&H)

Ms. G. Siroja, Asst. Professor (CSE)

 d) Chess :           Coordinator :          T. Venkateswara Rao,             Professor (ME)


Mr. G. Lova Raju, Asst. Professor (EEE)

Mr. V. Narasimham, Asst. Professor (CSE)

Mr. Y.M.S.D. Sastry, Asst. Professor (CSE)

Ms. Ch. Sri Devi, Associate Professor (ECE)

Ms. P. Durga Neelima, Asst. Professor (Civil)

e) Throw ball : Coordinator :          V. Sandhya, Asst. Professor (ECE)


Ms. G. Saranya, Asst. Professor (ME)

 Ms. B.S. Jyothi, Asst., Professor (S&H)


S. No Sport Event Winner & College Runner & College
1 Chess Women S. Siva Pravathi (BVCR Rajamundry) N. Swathi Priya(BVCE)
2 Chess Men N. Chitanya Sairam(BVCITS) K. Satish(GIET) Rajamundry
3 Kho- kho Women BVCE & Odalarevu BVITS & Batlapalem
4 Kho- kho Men Aditya Engineering College     Kakinada BVCE & Odalarevu
5 Khabadi – Men Pydha Engineering College, Kakinada Swarandhra Engineering College, Narasapur
6 Shuttle Badminton – Women- Single N. Sravani (DNR Engineering College, Bheemavaram) S.N.Sai Monika (SRKR Engineering College, Bheemavaram)
7 Shuttle Badminton – Women- Double N.Srvani & KNV Shamili (DNR Engineering College, Bheemavaram) S.N. Sai Mounika & D. N. Sirisha (SRKR Engineering College, Bheemavaram)
6 Shuttle Badminton – Men- Single D. AnilKumar(DNR Engineering College, Bheemavaram) R. Eswar(BVTS)
7 Shuttle Badminton – Men- Double R. Eswar & K. VijayaKumar(BVTS) G. SanthoushKumar&  M.SaiKiran (SRKR Engineering College, Bheemavaram)
8 Volleyball -Men BVCE, Odalarevu Pydha Engineering College, Vizag
9 Throw Ball – Women Srinivasa engg.college cheyyaru Bvcr  rajahmundry
10 Table tennis – Singles B. KUshala kumar  & GIET Rajamundry V. Charan Kartik & GIET Rajamundry
11 Table tennis – Doubles B. Kushala Kumar &

V. Charan Kartik

GIET Rajamundry

Medipalli Diwakar &

P. Hari Bhargav(BVCE)




Kabaddi Ladies


A Srinivasu

M.Com, M.P.Ed, DCA

Assistant Profession in Physical Education.

Physical Director

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