Green Power

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Green Power

Solar power plant of 200KWp Capacity

The BVC campus is equipped with 200KWp Green power through solar power project . A 200 KWp Grid interactive solar power plant has been installed in the year 2016.The solar plant is established on roof top to make the best availability of free space. The project output is about 2,50,000 units per annum, and these units are utilized for self consumption and remaining units will be uploaded to grid through net meeting. In this project high quality mono-crystalline modules on fixed steel structures are used. This project also equipped with state of the art grid connected solar inverters with robust Control platform, high availability, low maintenance and advanced features built with quality components. The various Inverter ratings used in this project are 17.5KVA, 20KVA, 27.5KVA. In different numbers at different location of the project. The project also consists of string boxes, module mounting system, AC junction boxes, DC junction boxes etc.


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