Prepare the college academic calendar and also to monitor and taking care of implementations of   CCMC recommendations if any and see that the activities mentioned in the academic calendar are fallowed. Organize programs to inculcate values and ethics at all levels.

Guidelines for preparation of semester time tables.

Monitor coverage of syllabus according to their lesson plan and suggest necessary measures to complete the syllabus in time.

To take decisions about detentions, condonations and promotions of the students.

  • Scrutinize and approve the proposals, of the DAC with regard to programs of studies, academic regulations, curricula, scheme, syllabi thereof, instructional and evaluation arrangements, methods, procedure relevant there to etc.

If  CAC differs on any proposal, it shall have the right to return the matter for reconsideration to the DAC concerned or reject it, after giving reasons to do so.

  • Adopt regulations regarding the admission of students consistent with the University/ Government norms to different programmes of study in the institute.
  • Frame regulations to conduct examinations and initiate measures for improving the quality of teaching and learning student’s evaluation. •Enhance quality of educational programs.
  • Make regulations for sports, extracurricular activities and proper maintenance of the playgrounds and hostels.
  • Recommend to the DAC the proposal for instituting of new programme(s) of study.
  • Make recommendations to the BOG regarding the institution of scholarships, studentships, fellowships, prizes and medals and to frame regulations for the award of the same student’s evaluation. Focus on innovations in students assessments.
  • Make recommendations to the BOG on issues related to academic affairs.

Make regulations for Sports and Extra-curricular activities

Composition of the College Academic Committee

– Principal

– All Head of the Departments

– Academicians from Outside

– Industry Experts

– University Representatives

 Member Secretary.

Frequency of meeting: once in
semester and whenever there is a need

Chairman : Dr.
D.S.V. Prasad, Principal

     Frequency of meeting: once in
semester and whenever there is a need

Chairman : Dr.
D.S.V. Prasad, Principal


1. Dr. J.V.G. Rama Rao, HOD-EEE

2. Prof. B. Srinivas, HOD-ME

3. Dr. A. Pravin, HOD-ECE

4. Dr. Gunamani Jena, HOD-CSE

5. Mrs. A. Durga Madhuri, HOD-SH

6. Mr. B.V Rajesh, Professor, ME

7. Dr. N.S.S.R Murthy, Professor

8. Prof. A. Ramakrishna, ME

9. Mr. V.S. Rama Krishna, Head CRA

10.Mr. T. Srinivasa Kishna, CEO, Insights of Data, Hyderabad.

11.Mr. K.V. Ravi Kumar, National Manager, EDS Technologies.

12.Mr. P.V. Appa Rao, Sr. Technical Manager, Cyient, Hyderabad

13.Mr. A. Doraiah, GM(Rtd.), O.N.G.C, Rajahmundry

14.Mr. D.V. Subba Rao, Chairman, Sai Nursing College, Rajahmundry

15.Dr. R. Srinivasa Rao, Director Academic Planning, JNTUK, Kakinada

16.Dr.L. Sumalatha, Director of Evaluation, JNTUK, Kakinada

17.Dr. K.V. Ramana, Professor, CSE, JNTUK, Kakinada

18.Prof. T.V. Janardhana Rao, Member Secretary.


All Academic activities

Students progress


Attendance promotions & detentions.

Updated Soon…….


1. White Board With Marker & Talk (WMT)19. Web Reference (WR)
2. Power point Presentation (PPT)20.Differentiation(DIFF)
3. Visualization (VI)21.Activity(ACT)
4. Jigsaw (JI)22.TECH
5. Tutoring (T)23. Virtual Labs (VL)
6. Discussion (D)24. Assignment (ASIGN)
7. Brain Storming (BS)25..Mock Test(MT)
8. Buzz Group (BG)26.Video Lecture
9. Seminar (SEM)27.Over head projector
10. Debate (DT)28.Field visit
11. Quiz (Q)29.Pictorial Method
12. Demonstration (DEMO)30.Class Test
13. Cooperative Learning (CL)31.NDL
14. Case Study (CS)32.N-LIST
15. Problem Solving (PS)33.LMS
16.NPTEL l video34.BLOG
17. Enquiry Based Instructions (EBI)35.Website
18 Animation (A)36.Code tantra
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