1. All Heads of the Departments are advised to elevate their respective department with the help of all the staff members including Technicians. They should strictly instruct the students to maintain discipline.
  2. They should monitor the duties of Class Incharges, Lab Incharges, Dept. Exam Incharges and Technicians and guide them in a right path to get the team work for the development of the department as well as the institution. They should give highest priority for class work and other academic related things.
  3. Heads should depute staff / technicians to see that class work will be smoothly conducted without any break / leaving a single class. No student should leave the class without permission.  They should also see that their students will not stay in the corridors / campus during the class work period and also in lunch break.
  4. They should maintain students track record and see that counseling & guidance will be given to the students in a proper way to achieve good results / highest pass percentage. The student’s information must be updated at the time of counseling in Practical Records.
  5. They are advised to verify the student’s note books, assignments, lab records, examination answer scripts in random and guide the staff and students to improve the standards.
  6. Heads should maintain Class work Review File properly and absentees must be called for explanation. They should counsel them and explain the rules of attendance.
  7. They are advised to conduct staff meeting (include Technicians if necessary) every week to take constructive suggestions and maintain minutes book in the department. Instructions given by the Principal are to be communicated time to time.  The resolutions / decisions taken in that meeting must be brought to the notice of the Principal.  The minute’s book of the meetings held in the department must be submitted to Principal within three days after conducting the meeting.
  8. Heads are advised to maintain the necessary files / registers in orderly manner. In their absence, next senior staff member should be given as incharge and the keys, files everything must be available with the Incharge.
  9. They are also advised to activate the students to participate in technical and other activities conducted by various reputed organizations and they should also plan to conduct Technical Seminars / Symposium, Workshops, Quizzes, Software and Hardware Contests etc., to improve the overall capabilities of the students.
  10. Heads should take the complete responsibility of their departments. They should look after the regularity of the students / staff and take necessary steps to improve the overall performance of the students and staff as well.


  1. All the staff members must give highest priority to discipline and code of conduct. They are expected to work with sincerity, commitment and dedication.
  2. The staff members who are handling the first hour have to record the attendance in the first 5 minutes and close it immediately.  The attendance register should be sent to the   concerned HOD.
  3. All the staff members have to fill up the details in the class work review (CRF) file available with the concerned HOD after taking the class.
  4. All the staff members must be present 5 minutes before their concerned class at their respective class room. The staff members handling the laboratory classes must be present 15 minutes well in advance and also instruct the technicians to do the same.
  5. All the staff members are advised to prepare lesson plan at the starting of the semester / academic year and should submit in the department. They are also advised to prepare teaching notes, Course files and Subject files. And they should be ready for submission to HOD / Principal at any time.
  6. All the teachers are advised to take classes with sufficient preparation. They should not waste time in the class.  They should converse in English only.  Discussions should be limited to the topics relevant to the curriculum only.
  7. Teachers who are handling Laboratory classes should insist the students to submit the lab records in the immediate next week.  The records should be immediately corrected and must be given back to the students.  Otherwise they should not be allowed to the Lab.  Further they are advised to counsel the students to excel in their studies during the Laboratory classes because they have enough time to interact with them.
  8. All the staff members must fill up the details in their log book cum attendance registers immediately after the class. These have to be submitted to HOD once in a week and forwarded to Principal once in fortnight.
  9. All the teachers should be impartial in evaluating the performance of the students. They prepare four sets of mid exam question papers. The examination papers must be strictly corrected and the students should be instructed not to repeat such type of mistakes if any, in the University Exams.
  10. The staff members are advised to give assignment in problematic subjects in advance, preferably when the students get two days holidays. They have to give at least two questions from this assignment in the descriptive test when it is conducted.
  11. The staff members have to take special care for the below average students and must try to improve the overall pass percentage. They have to counsel the students who are having shortage of attendance and explain the rules of attendance, and instruct them to attend regularly. Class Incharges should take the signatures of the students having less than 75% attendance and records should be available in the department to show to the parents and authorities.


  1. All the staff members must give counselling and guidance to the students who were already allotted to them during the slot along with attendance, internal marks and also the performance in University examinations.
  2. All the staff members must see that the students attend the college in prescribed uniform / dress code and display their Identity Cards.
  3. They should encourage the students to participate in seminars / conferences, technical paper contests / quizzes and any other competitions. They are also advised to plan for conducting such type of events in the institution periodically.  All the staff members should     take proper care about the students and try to mould them in a right manner in all aspects, so that their overall personality will be improved.
  4. The staff members will be encouraged to participate in seminars / training / conferences, short term courses / workshops/apply for R&D projects for funding and any other research oriented programmes to update their knowledge with the latest trends.  They should give a seminar in our college              about that programme immediately after they come back to the college.
  5. Publishing papers, writing text books, doing research is always encouraged. Special leave / On-duty will be sanctioned in such cases.
  6. The staff members have to note that their individual performance and commitment will be considered at the time of sanctioning annual increment / additional increments / promotion to higher cadre.


  1. Prepare the schedule of exams in consultation with Co-ordinator & Officer I/c of Exams.
  2. They have to collect the question papers (E papers in four sets) signed by the  concerned subject teacher before 3 days of exam.
  3. They have to make necessary arrangements to conduct all the internal exams of the department. They have to conduct online and subjective tests as per the schedule given by University.
  4. They should see that every teacher submit the marks in the Exam Section within three days after the completion of the exam in their respective subject.
  5. They have to identify the students whose performance is below average and submit the list to HOD / Principal for necessary action.
  6. They should see that progress reports are sent to parents and should ascertain whether parents have received them or not.
  7. They should see that all students of dept., attend the internal tests regularly. They should identify the absentees and take steps for their regularity in the tests. The parents should be informed about the absenteeism of their children and collect undertaking from the student as well as parents.


  2. Students must observe silence and maintain order at all times. Running and shouting in the classrooms or corridors is not allowed.  Movement in the campus during the class work period is strictly restricted.  Changing of classrooms, if any, should be done in “Silence and Order”.

2          Students must not eat snacks, chocolates or chewing gums during class hours.  They should not organize parties / cake cuttings in the classrooms.  If they are found doing so they are liable to be punished.  They must converse with each other in English only.

3          Students should not damage college furniture, laboratory equipment or library books.  They should take enough care in using the college property.  If any student damages the property he / she will be severely punished and would be made to pay for the loss of the damaged articles in addition to penalty.

  1. Students are responsible for their own vehicles, articles, Note / Text Books, Cell phones, Calculators, Laptops etc. Students must return lost articles found in the campus to the teachers and should not indulge in robbing articles or note / textbooks of other students.  If such students were found, they would be severely punished.
  2. Students must be courteous to the members of the staff. Talking rashly to staff members will be dealt severely.  All students must exercise politeness in behaviour.  Students must behave in a gentle manner.  They should always remember that the institution is judged by their conduct.  Students are answerable to the college authorities for their conduct both in and outside the college. 

6          All students must exercise brotherly – sisterly attitude towards their classmates/ juniors and must not fight or use foul language.  Students cannot take part in strikes and agitations on their own pleasure.  However, Professional Societies,  Associations are permitted and encouraged branch-wise.  No other student unions / groups are allowed.

7          Ragging inside or outside the campus is strictly prohibited.  Teasing, embarrassing or humiliating the other person is ragging.  Students should not indulge in any sort of ragging.  Such students are liable to be expelled from the college without any mercy.

8          Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of homework, disobedience and disrespect towards the members of staff or bad moral influence justify dismissal.

9          Students are strictly forbidden to introduce any sort of comics and objectionable literature into the college or to go to other classrooms unless any teachers ask them for some specific purpose.

10        No textbooks, note books or other papers are to be brought into the examination hall.  Students found copying or using unfair means during the examination will be dealt severely.  The students indulged in malpractice cases may be debarred from the examinations up to two years.

11        Use of smart phones in the college premises is strictly prohibited.  If cell phone(s) are found with any student(s) these will be immediately seized and will be returned only after completion of their Course.

  1. The students must attend the college on the re-opening day, i.e. immediately after semester break / Pongal / Dasara holidays etc.
  2. The students must submit laboratory records, assignments and other home works assigned to them in time. Students must be up to date in their work.  The HOD /         Principal may look into their books at any time.

14        A student who obstructs a lesson or misbehaves in the class may be expelled from the class by the teacher concerned in whose class the misbehaviour might occur.

  1. The students should not organize parties / picnic / tours without permission. However Industrial Visits / Tours are encouraged with proper planning by the Departments.  They should take prior permission from authorities.

16        Students have to follow the guidelines / timely instructions given by the authorities.

  1. The Principal is the final authority with regard to the discipline and code of conduct and has full powers to impose fine, suspend, rusticate or take any other action, which is deemed necessary.


  1. The students must attend the college regularly, punctually and dressed in the prescribed uniform / Dress Code and should be in classroom / laboratory before the time. They have to display Identity Card when it is demanded.  Action  will be taken for the students who do not maintain proper dress code.  In case a student comes late to the institution, he / she must submit a written explanation as to why there was a delay.  They are permitted to enter into the class after the HOD grants the permission.  No student is allowed to go out of the campus without the permission of the HOD / Principal.


  1. No student can be absent without a genuine reason. If a student has to take leave under unavoidable reasons, a letter duly signed by parent / guardian must be submitted to HOD or to the respective class In-charge.  Students have to give a valid reason, if they absent themselves without a reason.  Attendance will not be given to the leave period.  A genuine medical certificate along with leave letter must accompany prolonged sickness for more than a week.


  1. Attendance particulars will be computerized and Monthly reports will be generated and they will be made available with the concerned HOD / Class In-charge. The students have to sign on the reports and the information should be given to their parents.


  1. The students who failed to put up the required attendance,(i.e., 75 %) will be detained and will not be allowed to write the university exams of that year / semester. They have to repeat the same year / semester by paying the Tuition Fees again.  However, the students who get less than 75 % and more than 65 % and submit the genuine Medical Certificate for the actual period of sickness, immediately after they attend the classes, may be recommended by the College Academic Committee for the condonation by the Vice Chancellor, JNTUK only one time in their course of study.
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