ICT services supports the Institute in achieving their mission. A dedicated ICT CELL has been set up to provide a wide range of IT services to facilitate the works of staffs, students and faculties .It  has the expertise to provide professional  services and consultancy as needed, provides comprehensive training and advice to staff and students. ICT CELL is innovate in applying new as well as existing technology to enhance various activities of the Institute. Being responsive to the Institute requirements in diversity, the ICT CELL provides leadership & partnership to promote effective use and development of ICT facilities across the Institute. It is key infrastructure provider for strategic change.

 Apart from providing quality  and secured services , it also develops ICT skills through teaching , training and support.


ICT cell provides online learning environments  for students, faculty members and staff .It provides everyone in the Institute  with access to an extensive IT Training program and the skill needed  for work, study/research or employability.



The ICTCELL provides support of IT equipments needed for running the Institute day to day affairs as follows-:

Rack, Tower &Servers

Wi-fi (IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11ac)

Desktops & Workstations

Online  UPS


IT security

Digital Library & IP based online Journals


The ICT CELL supports students ‘ ICT needs from issuing Laptop to Wi-fi. ICT Cell provides technical support and advice as & when needed to students.


ICT CELL provides the basic infrastructure for network connections (LAN & WI-FI) and internet access, office software, multimedia supported E-classroom, surveillance & other activities as well as technical support.


The ICT CELL develops and implements the policies, governance strategies required for ICT across the Institute.

Contact ICT CELL:

Email:  [email protected]

Functions of the cell:

  1. Access to variety of learning resources
  2. Immediacy to information
  3. Anytime learning
  4. Anywhere learning
  5. Collaborative learning
  6. Multimedia approach to education
  7. Authentic and up-to-date information
  8. Teaching of different subjects made interesting
  9. Educational data storage
  10. Access to the source of information
  11. Multiple communication channels-e-mail, chat, forum, blogs, etc.
  12. Access to open courseware
  13. Reduces time on many routine tasks ( Online Feedback, attendance)
  14.  Maintenance and Procurement of IT Infrastructure.
  15. Providing Un-Interrupted Internet Connectivity.

Facilities of the cell 

  1. Separate room for cell with all ambience
  2. One pc with table
  3. One table with two chairs
  4. One Rack
  5. Box file
  6. Printer 

⇒Cell Composition

A.Y 2020-21

Chairperson:  Dr. D.S.V. Prasad, Principal

Coordinator:  Mr. B.S.N. Murthy, Assoc. Professor, CSE

Faculty Members:

Mr. M. Eswar Kumar, Asst. Professor, CE

Mr. A.S. Sarpakara Rao, Asst. Professor, EEE

Mr. G. Narasa Raju, Assoc. Professor, ME

Mr. Y. Sai Sandeep, Asst. Professor, ECE

Mr. T.V.L Srinivasa Rao, Asst. Professor, S & H.

Student Members:

1. G. Akash – 17221A0114

2. P R Varma – 19225A0275

3. K. Chitti Babu – 18225A0258

4. Ch. Durga Rao – 19221A0305

5. B.N.D. Praveen – 19225A0317

6. A.V.S. Hema Latha – 19225A0401

7. B.V. Rajasri – 19221A0419

8. G.R.S Nitin – 18221A0541

9. T. Pradeep – 19221A05B0.

Roles & Responsibilities of committee members

Chairman                     :    

è To ensure that there is full participation during meetings.

è To ensure that all relevant matters are discussed and effective decisions are made and carried              out.


è Monitoring and coordinating the activities of ICT.

è Ensuring the effective working of IT infrastructure.

è  Collecting required data from each department coordinator.

è Formulating year planner and implementing with a support of department faculty members.


Faculty Member:

è Formulate and update the yearly calendar of events under the
observation of coordinator of the committee.

è Report all the related activities to the coordinator of the

è Maintaining the department data and updating them to the
coordinator regularly.

è Coordinating student members while organizing


Student Member:

è To help the faculty members for collecting data of the students
who participates in different events and other activities.

è To fallow up and implement the instruction given by the
coordinator and faculty member of the committee.

è Collecting photos of different events organizing
in the college.


Month & Year



December 2020

ü  1st meeting: Discussion about the Usage of ICT tools and maintenance of IT Infrastructure.

ü  Identification of various ICT tools and suggesting procuring.

ü  Collecting the working status of IT Infrastructure.

ü  Identification of shortage/damage of IT infrastructure and submitting indent for same.


February 2021

ü  Review of minutes of first meeting.

ü  Assess the functions of ICT tools using in the campus.

ü  Finding the working/defects of IT infrastructure.

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