To drive students to new era of technical learning, igniting the creative minds of students and to experience the work culture of  industry  and innovative technology

           To synchronize the skills of our students with the requirements of  Industry and to match the industrial workspace to students

The purpose of this cell is to identify the trends and expectations and prepare students for meeting the latest requirements by facilitating internships in leading organizations by organizing seminars, workshops, expert talks and other training programs by experts and eminent industry experts to improve the skills and abilities of the students.

  • To provide and facilitate Guest Lectures, Interactive Workshops, Seminars, Technical Discussions with members of the Industry, outside experts, eminent personalities at regular interval.
  • To provide campus placements for students, Inviting companies to institute for Recruitments.
  • To provide Internship facilities for students and to make them ready to face Industrial challenges.
  • To conduct Industrial Training, Industrial visits for students at regular intervals with collaborative nature.
  • To gain industrial experience and/or to work on projects in Academics.
  • To provide short-term programs and Education opportunities to improve their skills.


– Senior Faculty as Coordinators

– One Faculty Member from each Department

– One Student from Each Department

Coordinator: Mr. V.S. Ramakrishna, CSE


1. Ms. P. Suneetha , Assistant Professor, CE

2. Mr. A.S. Sarpakara Rao, Assistant Professor, EEE

3. Mr. Ganta Raju, Assistant Professor, ME

4. Mr. K.CH. Naga Raju, Assistant Professor, ECE

5. Ms. P. Jaya Lakshmi, Assistant Professor, S&H.

Student Members:

1. T.K.V. Kalyan – 18225A0151

2. M.Veera Babu, 17221A0209

3. V. Ram Ganesh, 17221A0370

4. A. Chaitanaya, 18221A0404

5. N.J.N.V.V. Satya Surya, 17221A0563

Coordinator Responsibilities:

To initiate different collaborative elements with industries at institute level by identifying the industrial expectation and promoting institutional preparation for meeting industrial needs.

Committee Members:

To identify and fill the gap in the curriculum keeping in mind the Program Specific Outcome of their respective department by initiating different events, workshop, industry visit etc. in collaboration with different industries.

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