Roles and Responsibilities of the Convener:


  1. To co ordinate all the department association secretaries and supervising the co curricular activities in the concern departments.
  2. To plan the co curricular activities of the department in sync with the department regular activities.
  3. To conduct the meetings related to student association in all departments.
  4. To coordinate the activities in accordance with the gap between the students and industry.


Roles & Responsibilities of Faculty Members:

  1. To encourage the students to acquire the knowledge in participation of the co curricular events.
  2. To prepare the report on event or activity organized.
  3. To collect the feedback & preparation of feedback analysis and forwarding the same to HOD’s.

Roles & Responsibilities of Student Members:


  1. To motivate the fellow students to participate in the co curricular activity.
  2. To act as a organizer & volunteer to the activity and participant in that event.
  3. To provide feedback on the organized event.
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